Up and Coming Events

Citywide Prayer Gathering

As a Christian non-profit organization, we focus heavily on the importance of prayer. Our Citywide prayer event helps draw believers together as we lift up Nebraska, our nation and the world. All denominations and ethnicities are welcome to attend! Our next prayer gathering will be held on Tuesday, October 1st at Good News Church. Come join us!

This Year's Past Events

God's Glory Among All Nations Walk-a-Thon

Embrace the Nations hosted our first ever Walk-a-Thon on June 8th with the purpose of gathering the local Church in order to learn about and connect with the various international churches and refugees located in our area. We had representation from many ethnic groups including: Nepali/Bhutanese, Karenni, Karen, Afghan, Sudanese and others from Africa as well. Nearly 200 people came out to walk, eat authentic international foods, and participate in the fun events for kids. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all!

Bible Storying Workshop

We believe that the gospel needs to not just be heard, but understood. For oral cultures this often comes through Biblical Storytelling. Earlier this year, we invited Jean Johnson, founder of “Five Stones Global,” to teach on this topic. Participants from around the city gained many insights that are now being put into practice. 

Ongoing Events

Refugee Readiness Training

Our Refugee Readiness Training is for individuals and groups interested in learning how they can actively support a refugee family. This three-fold training presented by our leadership team covers the basics of Refugee life, unpacks how to advocate for them in a culturally sensitive way, and provides in depth training on Afghan culture to assist our newest arrivals. This last piece of the training can be switched out to best fit your group’s needs. The training is typically three hours presented from 9:00 AM to Noon on a Saturday. Alternatively, we’ve conducted this training via Zoom when necessary.  If you have a support team ready to take the next step or you are an individual looking to learn how you can get involved, please contact us to hear about our next training opportunity.