Family Advocacy​

Our Family Advocate program exists to welcome, support and empower refugee individuals and families. We train our volunteers how to be cross cultural communicators and co-learners as they seek to build ongoing relationships that foster dignity, respect and self-sufficiency. Our goal is to see families thrive as they move from resettlement to acculturation.

Practically speaking this means our volunteers meet in refugee homes on a regular basis to build relationship and be a resource where applicable. In meeting the various needs that arise we always put the emphasis on relationship, because relationship connotates partnership. The refugees we serve possess their own wealth of knowledge, life experience, stories and cultural identities. These are equally valuable to the practical support that our volunteers provide.

Since our ultimate goal is relationship, in between assisting with needs, you’ll find our volunteers sipping tea lost in conversation, on an outing to the zoo perhaps or attending celebrations. It is our deep joy and privilege to be a part of the lives of so many refugee families when and where they need it most. These life events have afforded us many opportunities to share the gospel in meaningful, respectful and culturally sensitive ways. Whether we are having a spiritual conversation and mutually sharing our beliefs or we are exploring the Bible together, we entrust these families wholly to the Lord.

Teen Girls Mentorship Groups

It’s no surprise that teens go through a lot. The implications of these short years can significantly impact their future for better or for worse. Refugee teens are no exception with the unique challenges they face. Our team has the privilege of building mentorship relationships in small groups and giving the girls a place to belong. We respond to their unique social and spiritual needs as they navigate the tension and pressure of living between two cultures. We desire to see the girls build strong connections with each other and foster this sense of community through many fun activities and outings. What’s more is we provide a place for their questions to get answered and their faith to flourish. Having friends and mentors to share life with makes all the difference!

Teen Boys Mentorship Groups

Amidst the many challenges teens face, boys are a particular target for gangs and illegal activity. In an effort to circumvent this tragic story from repeating itself, our teen boy mentorship groups meet together on a regular basis to foster character, growth and leadership. The relationship between our mentors and the refugee boys is built through sharing life stories, enjoying meals, playing games, studying the Bible, and praying. These weekly rhythms serve as anchors. While challenges like bullying and broken homelives still exist, the two groups we foster provide the boys with community and a safe place to belong. This is a place where refugee boys are treated like young men and are inspired to lead their communities. Our hope is that they would break the vicious cycle and become role models to a future generation.

Special Events

Occasionally, special events are planned that provide fun for the children and the families.