Why Embrace the Nations

Our priority, in addition to seeing refugees succeed, is to share the Christian gospel message with those who are interested in hearing and learning.

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their homes, mostly due to civil war, and cross an international border into another country for safety. The time spent in a refugee camp is usually lengthy; the average stay is 17 years. The UNHCR determines which refugees are eligible for resettlement in the United States and other appointed countries. Embrace the Nations recognizes that these growing populations are particularly vulnerable and in need of assistance if they are to stabilize and contribute to their communities in a positive way.

Our ministry is unique in that we build long term relationships within these populations, help meet practical needs while encouraging self-sufficiency, and prioritize gospel sharing in a culturally sensitive manner. We recognize most refugees come from parts of the world where the gospel is not readily accessible, and in fact, almost unheard of. We are thankful to share a message of hope with those who have gone through so much loss and tragedy.

The cultures of refugee populations are rich and unique giving us, as Westerners, much to learn and experience. Equally, these cultural differences can cause barriers, which then makes communication and understanding difficult. Through awareness training, we help close the gap between our refugee neighbors and the public at large. Our heart is to see the refugee community succeed in every way so that they, and the generations to follow, excel in the place they now call home.