Why Embrace the Nations

We exist because...

The United States, as never before, is seeing a constant and growing influx of peoples from all over the world. They are settling and raising their families in the communities, as well as, applying for citizenship. Some states are impacted more than others and Nebraska has seen especially high numbers of legal refugee arrivals. Embrace the Nations recognizes that these growing populations are particularly vulnerable and in need of assistance if they are to stabilize and contribute to their communities in a positive way. 

Most refugees have been uprooted from their homes and forced to flee due to violence beyond their control. Their legal transition from refugee camps to the most technologically advanced country in the world finds them ill-equipped to effectively shoulder all that is now required of them. 

Refugees receive some cultural orientation before and after their arrival to the U.S., but it is not enough. Language learning is on-going as are the needs for life skills and other necessities in order to survive, much less succeed, in America. Embrace the Nations can help with some of these needs. Building trusting relationships is the first step toward real change. We also prioritize sharing the Christian gospel message with anyone who is interested in hearing and learning. 

Lastly, it has become apparent that refugees and their cultures are not well known in the community and at times are misunderstood. This can cause stress and frustration on both sides. Through awareness training, we can help close the gap between our new neighbors and the societal populations at large.